Choose what fits you best!

1:1 Mentoring

go live your dream - this is were it starts!

No more apologies! Go live your absolute best life -

you are worthy of choosing yourself first so let´s

start telling your authentic story - i know how you feel

i´ve been there but i turned the page & wrote

a new one it´s our responsibility to make

this thing work.  Lucky you - you found your way

here - Life´s too short for someday!!!!

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Brand Development

you are looking for a professional

creative badass to build your brand or bring it to

the next level? Here i am! I will 

help you create the brand you always dreamed of.

My professional background working with 

international brands and assets combined with

a big chunk of empathy and fun will make

your life easy. Lean back - I got you!

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Commercial Photography

i´m in love with diverse brands and their authentic

stories and willingness to cooperate with global

creatives to built sustainable relationshipsso if you

are looking for a curious internationally

experienced one - yap that´s me

Feel free to get in touch to talk details - can´t wait!

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Authentic Photographs

i live for love and integrity! If it is your

personal portrait or an intimate wedding

i will capture your unique moments 

and transport the emotions i feel my pictures.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience

filled with love! I can´t wait to get to know you

and your story! Let´s do this!

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