The day i chose myself...

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never forget the nights you felt alive - your hand in mine

The day i was finally brave enough to look at her - the day i finally realized what happens if i truly started to see her - the day i woke up!

It took me 28 years, a rollercoaster of life and a whole bunch of UPS and DOWNS before i finally landed in the hospital due to ignoring my holy temple and inner calling for self love.

I had no courage to live my best life without any regrets. I tried too hard to please everyone else around me instead of honoring my inner voice and intuition. Hard work day in and day out - no one hit pause for me -neither did I.

The icing on the cake - a severe uterus infection that hit me right at the spot.

The temple where life begins and the spiritual energy of the female empowerment lies.

Opening my eyes after the surgery did not only hurt more than anything has ever hurt me


It was time to heal - time for self love - time to look and take care of me and my higher self to reach for my own hand and to hold her tight forever.

The day i chose myself.

Love J

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Care to look! - also check out the video below

this is how i tried to transport how i felt.

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