Do you know the origin of your name?

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The origin of your name tells you a lot about your identity on a deeper lever. There is a reason why this name was chosen for you.

Jana : Goddess of the Moon, the Huntress & and Protectress of Girls and Women!


greek mythology : Artemis

- Daughter of Zeus

- Twin sister Apollos´

- born on the Island Delos


- Goddess of the Moon & fertility

- Goddess of animals and forests - the Huntress

- Protectress of the foreign and those without rights

- Midwife

- Protectress of women & children


-bow and quiver

-crescent of the moon in her hair

To me its clearly fascinating how we are given a name and how much truth there is to it when it comes to its origin and meaning. Names don´t just get picked by your parents. There is a reason why that specific name resonated with them before you were born. Think about it.

There has been a bigger plan for you all along you just need to remember.

Have you checked the origin of your name?

Check it our for yourself:

it might sound silly but since i know what my name means and were it comes from it opened up a whole new world to me!

It also explains my obsession for the moon and deep empathy and connection

to my intuition and other beings.

Love J

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