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2007 - not knowing that this would be the year i´d meet the love of my life for the first time I packed my bags as a teenage girl and travelled across the pond to start the adventure of a life time. Going to High School in the US by myself. My parents and grandparents brought me up to be an open minded brave and friendly young woman & to follow my dreams where ever they take me. Luckily they were always able to support me as long as I needed them to before i could run off on my own one day.

I´m pretty sure D and I met on our first day of school that summer but there is a story as old as time: who would have guessed there is always this other guy or girl - so here it goes - we remained friends through that time and stayed close for years even when i moved back home to Europe.

Years later - After we both started college and travelled places to grow and experience whats out there - D randomly showed up during one of many visits while i was waiting for my ride on a mutual friends front porch close to his house.

He asked me to hopp in & i´m pretty sure we both felt for the first time that whatever was going on between us had changed. (Fun fact: my host family was always rooting for him)

Still - i had to go back, finish school - learn whats right and wrong for me - so did he until we met again at a place where we were both ready for each other.

2018 - after all these years of friendship and sneaking around each other D took me on a proper date - the perfect gentleman showing up at the perfect time.

But - apparently there was more for me to be solved within myself - coming home i got really sick - thank god survived a severe operation in my female temple and therefor needed a little more time to rediscover my strength, wake up & grow inside in order to fully show up for what was to come.

2019 - Summer - never felt better and on my way back to Nashville.

Our time has come. There was no more doubt - D asked me to make a decision & literally said: I give you one trip - 3 days you and me and you will never want anything else again.

And here we are.

Over the next 2 years we made long distance work - got married during a pandemic and are now almost through with my visa so we will finally be able to be at one spot for good.

Piles of Paper and 14 years later...

Now - We are almost there - i´m currently waiting on my interview at the consulate to confirm the final step.

This new chapter, well actually the entire journey truly brings out all of me. It reminds me of the feeling of home and what it means. It fills me with gratitude for everything within and without me. I learned to be patient but to not lose focus at the same time. I learned to communicate better and to always trust my guts. I learned to love myself and how to love back. Looking back the timing could not have been better for us as a couple - Everything happens for a reason even the part of the story you don´t know yet.....

Love J

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