Deciding 1o1 - Trusting your intuition

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it´s all about the feels - close your eyes and see!

I used to have a hard time making decisions - always questioning myself if it´s right or wrong - not being able to trust the process always wanting to control the outcome.

Well this didn´t end well - because not trusting and trying to control leaves a lot of space for outside forces to jump in and mess with your path.

Don´t worry the best part is - you get to make the change - right now.

I hope the following steps inspire you to trust your deepest desires as well as your inner calling.

Intuitive decision-making - close your eyes and see:

  • is it coming from love?

  • does it fill me with joy?

  • is it energising?

  • am i able to nurture myself through it?

  • does it align with my spiritual & true authentic path

If that´s a no - don´t do it

If that´s a hell yes then go with

  • trusting your intuition

  • choose love over fear

  • light over darkness

  • invite fear in and transform it into light

Now go and try for yourself.

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