What makes me, me - always learning by being in love with life!

I love the smell of rain and and the fresh air in 

the morning, i love the moon and the stars, i love art and the worlds it can transport you to, i love random unexpected situations which gift you with places you never thought you´d end up at,  I love squeezing in a corner on a small table by the window at an old café in a beautiful town, i love being in nature and exploring the planet and its beautiful souls, i love being in and by the water, i love stars and all the brilliance the universe has to offer, I love reading souls and reading cards, i love crystals and their energy, I love following my intuition, I simply love being here, creating my best life with the people i love. I often ask myself if my dreams are even crazy enough? Is this it? What else is there to explore? I love being curious!

Thanks for being here - Love J

Image by Casey Horner
Image by Anastasia Taioglou
Image by Dan Farrell
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What i´m passionate about - did you know...

Image by Julie Kwak
I have a degree in
Interior Design

B.A. of Arts

I´m in love with sustainable fabrics

& natural materials, there can´t be enough shades of white. Natural light -huge windows and a spark of ambient light at night put me on cloud 9. Never not creating - don´t limit yourself to one thing - create create create!!!

Image by Sebastian Puskeiler
I grew up in

Schön, dass du da bist!

I was born and raised in Bamberg - one of the most beautiful towns in Germany - also known as little Rome because it is built on 7 hills. Bamberg´s culture - community and incomparable charm draws people from all over the world. But i´m still moving for the LOVE -

Nashville here i Come

Image by Brendan Church
Ice Cream
solves it all

i love food - can´t help it

Travelling the world and tasting what it has to offer - i mean who doesn´t love to nurture her/his body with all the good stuff out there. Food makes me happy - also because it brings people together and gives you something to celebrate. Cooking is my passion, too.

Just here for the food - just saying!