What makes me, me - always learning by being in love with life!

I love the smell of rain and and the fresh air in 

the morning, i love the moon and the stars, i love art and the worlds it can transport you to, i love random unexpected situations which gift you with places you never thought you´d end up at,  I love squeezing in a corner on a small table by the window at an old café in a beautiful town, i love being in nature and exploring the planet and its beautiful souls, i love being in and by the water, i love stars and all the brilliance the universe has to offer, I love reading souls and reading cards, i love crystals and their energy, I love following my intuition, I simply love being here, creating my best life with the people i love. I often ask myself if my dreams are even crazy enough? Is this it? What else is there to explore? I love being curious!

Thanks for being here - Love J

Image by Casey Horner
Image by Anastasia Taioglou
Image by Dan Farrell
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Are you ready to live your best life?

Allow yourself...

to be who you want to be! Dream bigger! Everything you need is right there inside of you ready for you to unlock it. 

I know it´s not easy to surrender and admit to yourself that you are the only one responsible for your life but once you realize you are the director of this game it becomes fun!!! 

No rain no flowers honey! I can´t wait to meet you and go on this adventure with you! Life is to short for someday!

Let´s do this now!!!

Want me to capture your

favorite moments...

don´t worry! I got you. As a storytelling photographer and designer i document love and life in my own authentic way. Priceless moments and unforgettable experiences are my favorite and i can´t wait to share my gift with you. 

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What i´m passionate about - did you know...

I have a degree in
Interior Design

B.A. of Arts

I´m in love with sustainable fabrics

& natural materials, there can´t be enough shades of white. Natural light -huge windows and a spark of ambient light at night put me on cloud 9. Never not creating - don´t limit yourself to one thing - create create create!!!

I grew up in

Schön, dass du da bist!

I was born and raised in Bamberg - one of the most beautiful towns in Germany - also known as little Rome because it is built on 7 hills. Bamberg´s culture - community and incomparable charm draws people from all over the world. But i´m still moving for the LOVE -

Nashville here i Come

Ice Cream
solves it all

i love food - can´t help it

Travelling the world and tasting what it has to offer - i mean who doesn´t love to nurture her/his body with all the good stuff out there. Food makes me happy - also because it brings people together and gives you something to celebrate. Cooking is my passion, too.

Just here for the food - just saying!

Dive into my world - Just here to inspire!